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A Note About Seat Numbers at the Fox

Recently we have taken calls from patrons who've purchased multiple tickets to an event and are concerned that their seats are not next to each other. This concern generally stems from the fact that some sections of our seating are odd numbered or even numbered, rather than numbered consecutively. The purpose for this numbering system is actually to make it easier for our ushers to look at the seat numbers on a ticket and know instantly what section it is in based on whether the number is odd or even. We have utilized this numbering system since our re-opening in 1999. We apologize for any confusion this may cause, but rest assured that if your tickets are numbered sequentially in either an odd or even pattern, you will be seated together at the program. If you still have questions or concerns feel free to contact the Box Office at 620-663-1981or 877-FOX-SHOW. Thank you for being a Fox Theatre patron!